Thursday, February 26, 2009

Portable Firefox 3.0.6 MultiLang

Web browser (more infos) without installation.
Download Portable Firefox MultiLang on RapidShare (10.1 MB) (md5: 9a8a570e52ed69a3fcc10c94289eb079)
Download Plugins on Zone-DL (2.5 MB) (md5: 77a34bc5e9954f542bee3f911bf26545)

Extract (with a PortableApps folder at the device's root) and run FirefoxPortable.

If you drag'n drop a file on (or open with) FirefoxPortable: it will be opened in Firefox.

Languages fixed by launcher according Windows localization: edit FirefoxPortable.ini to fix language yourself or choose other languages.

Extract Plugins in Data Folder: only Flash tested (type about:plugins in adress bar to list installed plugins).
Settings of installed Firefox should be preserved.



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