Thursday, July 16, 2009

Garmin MapSource City Navigator Europe 2010.1NT (2009)

Garmin MapSource City Navigator Europe 2010.1NT (2009)
City Navigator Europe NT provides highly detailed maps for your Garmin device and boasts 1.7 million points of interest and 8.5 million kilometers of road coverage throughout the continent, so you can navigate turn by turn to the destination of your choice. Now offering full coverage for Greece.

City Navigator brings you the most detailed street maps available so you can navigate with exact, turn-by-turn directions to any address or intersection. You can also route to restaurants, petrol stations, lodging, attractions and more. Powered by NAVTEQ, a world leader in premium-quality digital map data.

A set of road maps of Europe for Mapsource with the possibility of selective regions in the hardware installation of navigational devices Garmin.

Year: 2009
Version: 2010.1NT
Developer: Garmin
Platform: Windows
Compatibility with Vista: Yes
Language: English only
Tabletka: Present

Installation options:
- The directory is own distro Original Garmin MapSource City Navigator Europe 2010.1NT.
- The catalog Conv613 altered version of the card for installation in a flat Mapsource version 6.13.7 or lower.
- For the original installation, you must run the file from a subdirectory CNEUNT2010Update_RUS.msi IMG Catalog Original
- To install the card must be converted CNEUNT2010 subdirectory in the directory Conv613 copied to the directory C: GarminCNEUNT2010
- Next to the registration card should run perepakovannoy file cneunt2010_32.reg (32-bit Windows XP) or cneunt2010_64.reg (64-bit Windows Vista) and click OK in the popup window.
- To remove an altered version of CNEUNT2010 in the distribution of a file uninstall.bat.
- You can also use the utility to correct MapSetToolkit delete any previously installed card.


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