Friday, August 21, 2009

Power PCWasher v3.1.0 | 1.23 MB

Power PCWasher v3.1.0 | 1.23 MB

Power PC Washer is an award winning system optimization & cleaning software that helps you optimize Windows operating system, delete junk files, fix registry errors, erase all your surfing tracks and protect your privacy. Fix, clean and speed up your Windows XP & Vista now. Gain 20~50% improvement of overall performance out of your present PC. Get your PC running like new!

Optimize your PC with a few clicks
Get more usable disk space
Speed up your PC Boot-up / Shut-down
Stabilize your PC and prevent most crashes
Keep away from spyware & adware for safer browsing
Increase system performance without adding new hardware
Protect your investment & save money
Increase system performance without adding new hardware

Power PC Washer Main Features
PC Washer provides comprehensive management and optimization for Windows XP and Vista. We’ve integrated hundreds of conventional and unconventional tactics to make your computer faster and more stable. Some powerful features includes:
•Spyware, Adware & Malware Remover
•Windows Registry Optimizer
•Installed Programs Manager
•Startup Programs Manager
•Junk Files Remover
•Broken Shortcuts Remover
•Surfing Tracks Remover
•Windows Services Manager
•IO Cache Manager
•Windows Process Manager



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